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Specialties of a good narrative essay: key things to notice

Writing a narrative essay requires you to give a story about something. This must not necessarily be true. In most cases, people give stories based on fiction and imagination. However, they are developed in such a way that they seem to be true. The main agenda of this essay is to allow the writer share his or her personal experiences in life with the reader. This brings a connection between both parties. Experts from PaperWritingPros admit that a narrative essay has the following specialties.

  • A hook up statement
    In every example of a narrative essay introduction, the writer has to employ a sentence that captures the mind of every audience. A hook up statement has to be creative to be able to enable all readers get hooked. If someone close to you cannot get attracted, then you have not managed to hook him or her up.
  • Characters
    In all narrative essays, the writer has to think of characters and give them names. The purpose of this is to give life to the story so that the reader can switch to reality. These characters are given specific and unique features and behaviors that readers can base on to get their clear pictures. There is a considerate number of characters that are written based on the topic you have chosen. Avoid characters with behaviors that are contrary to the expectations of people. Always try to consider the ethics.
  • A setting
    A setting simply explains where the story is taking place. This has to be a real place to imagine. Do not create an imaginary scene that readers cannot understand. Think of places that most people know about and if possible, they should have at least been to such a place. This makes them get hooked into your story as they try to imagine the place and relate various incidences. You should choose a setting that best attracts your people depending on the subject you are talking about.
  • Literary techniques
    Apart from enabling the reader form a virtual picture of your characters, you also have to describe various things in your story by employing the right techniques. There are many ways you can describe happenings without necessarily contradicting yourself. You can use figurative techniques that allow people form pictures within their minds. For instance, similes allow people relate living to non-living things.
  • A moral lesson
    There is no need of you wasting your time pretending to craft a narrative essay if you have no moral lesson to your readers. You simply need to think of how relevant your story is to the real life and then say it at the end of the story. This makes your conclusion to be meaningful and readers can formulate their own thoughts.