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What Should I Include In An Essay About My Family?

Writing an essay about your family is a great opportunity to create a narrative paper with many interesting details. To compose a strong assignment, you should learn the main characteristics of such a paper, steps that you should take, and some important elements to include at each stage.

How to Tell a Story About Your Family

Your essay should inform others or tell an interesting story about your family members and their experiences. You need to perform as a storyteller who describes the main characters, sets the scene, and provides vital details about the occurred event. It is recommended that you present information in a chronological order, but it is fine to give some flashbacks if necessary.

Usually, students are encouraged to write from the first person voice. However, you should better ask your professor first, as this makes your writing sound somewhat informal. Papers about your family often include dialogues, quotations, and even jargon. Remember to explain the meaning of your family jargon or else you may confuse your readers.

What Steps to Take to Create a Successful Essay

You should follow these simple 6 steps to writing a successful paper without a hitch:

  1. Organize the material that you have.
  2. Although you know the topic well, you will start with a blank page. You should organize your thoughts, ideas, and known facts. There are several strategies that can help you, such as a subject tree, free writing, creating a list, clustering, and outlining.

  3. Gather the necessary details.
  4. After you come up with some ideas, you should gather the supporting details. You might need to talk to your family member to clarify something or find a Christmas photo of your family.

  5. Develop your thesis statement.
  6. You should prepare a working thesis statement. It can be based on a generalization of your family’s experience, making an assertion, or presenting your point of view towards a particular situation.

  7. Write your introduction paragraph.
  8. This is the most general part of your essay where you should provide some background information about your family and its history. An effective introduction includes a definition of your topic, relevance, and thesis.

  9. Compose the body paragraphs.
  10. Usually, you should write three or four body paragraphs unless otherwise is specified in your assignment. Remember that each paragraph should contain a topic sentence and an effective transition.

  11. Conclude your writing.
  12. To bring your writing to close, you should summarize the key points provided in the body, highlight the importance of your story for you and your family members, and briefly restate your thesis.