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List Of Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics For High School Students

Persuasive papers or the persuasive form of writing is generally introduced in the high school when students are just about to realize that they have developed skills for persuasion. But dealing with the form for the first time can be a tough ask. In fact, it only appears tougher the second or the third time. This is generally because high school students are new to the form of persuasive writing. However, if you are not able to master the art of persuasive writing soon enough, you will soon face trouble with the grades.

Topic selection

It is important to understand that selecting the topic of the paper is an integral part of persuasive writing. There are several things that need to be identified in the topic itself. You should make sure that there is a lot of contextual relevance when you are selecting the topic for the paper. When you are done with the odds, make sure to go through some sample titles.

Why is it important to visit sample essay titles?

Since you are new to the genre, there is a healthy chance that you will not be able to make it through the topic selection unless you are sure about the presentation of topic. There are many good sample that need to be considered as well. Here are some

Persuasive essay topics for high school

  • Realism in writing: what is the need for ethics and business sense for freelance writers?
  • How would you convince a meat-eater to go vegetarian?
  • Would you agree to the fact that war is the only way to eradicate terrorism? Why or why not?
  • Descriptive writing is all about verbosity: Tell readers why it is not
  • Why according to you is the argumentative form the most decorated form of academic writing in high school?
  • Should capitalism be imposed on African nations? What measures would you suggest for improvement of the African economy?
  • Why would you rate Pele over Maradona or vice-versa? Support your answer with arguments
  • Why should the Indian practice of yoga be adopted worldwide? Would you support the concept of Yogic education boards?
  • How are people from different religions associated with systemic violence through different parts of the world?

You may always come up with your own topic for the paper as long as there is enough relevance in the subject. The ones mentioned above should be able to start you off with the selection.