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What Is The Best Way To Compose An Essay About My Mother?

A descriptive essay is a common academic task that students write at school. You may be asked to compose a descriptive paper about your mother. This task shouldn’t be very difficult for you, but if you organize your work in a wrong way, you won’t get a high score for your work. The tips below should help you succeed.

How to Write a Descriptive Paper about Your Mother

  1. Compose a thesis statement.
  2. Your thesis should directly indicate the subject of your description and make the reader understand what they should expect from your paper. This statement should be created before you start writing the actual paper because all of its contents should be directly connected to your thesis.

  3. Outline your essay.
  4. You shouldn’t begin writing without making a plan first. Divide your paper into three sections. These are the introduction, body, and conclusion. They should all serve different purposes. Briefly indicate what each section should consist of so that you don’t forget any significant details during the writing process.

  5. Write an introduction.
  6. This paragraph should introduce the subject of your description. In your case, this will be your mother. State your thesis and write briefly about her to set the course for more detailed descriptions in the body paragraphs.

  7. Write a body.
  8. This section should consist of several paragraphs, usually three. Here, you should give the reader detailed descriptions of your mother. Tell about her appearance, voice, and character traits. Try to create an image of your mother in the mind of the reader. Use simple language and don’t include such details as exact height or weight. This isn’t an encyclopedia.

  9. Write a conclusion.
  10. Summarize your descriptions and tell about the role of your mother in your life. State that it’s important to love and respect your parents. Don’t include any new descriptions in the last paragraph.

Revising and Finalizing Your Essay

You should always proofread your papers after writing them. It’s likely that you’ll find several little mistakes in the process. Maybe, you’ll even want to rewrite some sentences in order to make them stronger or more relevant to your thesis.

The next step is to create a good title for your paper. A title “My Mother” isn’t likely to attract the attention of the reader, so try to come up with something original.

The last thing to do is to format your essay according to the requirements stated by your teacher. Look into the assignment guidelines not to miss any detail.