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A List Of Simple Essay Questions About Information Technology

Information technology is a vast domain of research; every single day some research work or the other is giving rise to several discoveries and solutions to old issues. Information technology is the most dynamic technology field of the recent times, this field not only has innumerable work opportunities across the globe but also research scopes and possibilities. With every probe something worthwhile and significant is coming under the limelight.

Although Information technology is the most heavily researched domain in the branch of engineering yet there are several gray areas that the engineers and scholars are working on. This is a very important and valuable field in the age of technology, every other field, namely, commerce, healthcare, education, entertainment etc., is dependent on Information technology. Through the advancement of Information technology, intelligent computing techniques are gradually developing computational intelligence and are merging theoretical research with applications.

Some of the research topics that you would like to work with are given below:

  1. How cloud computing has improved the way data is processed and stored in servers
  2. Analysis of the software that had been used to develop computer graphics
  3. How does Internet censorship control information flow over internet, the latest developments in this area?
  4. How does data security help in mending the loopholes in technology and prevent hacking or phishing?
  5. The developments and innovation of technology in Robotic surgery
  6. The developments and innovation of electronic surveillance
  7. The advances of Artificial Intelligence: its evolution and functions in robotics
  8. Advancements of computer programming languages in the field of 3-D algorithms
  9. The functions of 3-D algorithms in video games and art
  10. How does Information technology help in optimizing parallel queries?
  11. The development of Imaginaire: the technology that help share photos among friends
  12. The advancement in the field of Data Mining
  13. A study of the process of connecting computer networks to make information accessible
  14. The advancement and development of internet shopping: the softwares used to secure payment methods using the online shopping sites
  15. How do computational linguistics and information technology work hand in hand in advancing the field of machine learning

These are the fifteen most important essay topics in the domain of information technology that are doing the rounds in the recent times. Go through these essay topics, make sure to improvise and get inspired.