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Crafting A 5-Paragraph High School Essay About Family

Writing essays is a daily part of high school life. You will be getting essays for almost every Humanities subject that you have taken up. These are beneficial as they prepare you for the assignments in college. If you have just progressed from middle school, you might not be all that familiar with the high school essay format. The high school essay is generally a five paragraph affair. It is the basic kind of essay that hones your creative writing skills. The essays are a test of your language, capacity to assimilate information, ability to arrange your ideas in to words, etc.

Here is a basic model you can follow.

The Introduction

Any legitimate essay should have an introductory paragraph. Through your introduction you make clear to the reader the focal point of your essay. A reader should, without reading the topic, should be able to discern from your introduction the topic. Here you present argument which you will put forward. Now it is an essay about family, so here you state which aspect of family you are going to take up. State whether you wish to talk about working of a family, etc. Also present a brief outline of the rest of the paper. Link the introduction to the next paragraph.

First paragraph

Present the most valid and powerful point here to engage attention. Support it with the best examples you have. Avoid dragging the introduction in this paragraph. Make crisp and brief statements. Present your first argument and develop on it through the period of the first paragraph. Then hook this paragraph to the next and move on.

Second paragraph

Your next best argument should be placed here. You have the attention of the reader, don’t let it withdraw. Keep the reader engaged. Begin with a line that is a continuation of the first paragraph. Present your second argument and end it by linking it with the next paragraph.

Third paragraph

Now the other arguments you have can be presented here. You can give simple examples or make humorous statements in this part of the essay. Say, presenting a funny day in a family, etc. signal to the reader in this paragraph that your essay is drawing towards a conclusion.


This is the last part of your essay. Just like the introduction, this paragraph should be powerful. It is the last impression of your essay. Sum up everything you have said, briefly. Relate this part to the introduction. You can make a critical or personal comment or end with a relevant quote.

Remember that all your paragraphs should have continuity. Never digress from the topic.